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Make your hobby your profession with Nautilus Diving in Phuket

Mar 16, 2018 | News

Divers are known as a sworn community of thrill-seekers, people who love spending the time below the sea-level, people that feel at home under the waves – exploring the rich life under water. There are many kind of divers out there; those that do it as a hobby and others who does it for a living. Which one of those are you, or let’s ask this question in a different way: “Which one would you rather be”?
To us, this question is easy to answer; we love to dive and we, in fact, almost feel more comfortable below the waves than we do above them. You could call us a little crazy, but the fact is, we have made our hobbies to our passion and our passion to our profession.

We all started somewhere

We haven’t become certified dive instructors by chance. We once dreamed about making our living by showing other passionate enthusiasts what we already know – that the world below the waves is breathtaking, magical and pure. Below the sea-level the world is completely different, one where there’s no stress, no bills, no wars, no crime – no worries. When you are gliding below the waves, you automatically dive into a magical world with scores of new impressions waiting for you to be explored. You’ll see rich colourful corals, fishes of all species and sizes, shapes – and purposes. Just like above the seabed, there are different purposes (tasks if you will) for the fishes. One species cleans the sand, the other the corals. There are hunters – and there’s the hunted. All this can be seen when you go diving – and these impressions and adventures no one can take away from you again.

 Make your passion your profession

The curiosity that has drawn us to the world below the sea, can be one that could help you make a living as well. With just a few courses, and within only a few days of learning, you could become an educated and certified diver, one that is part of an unique band of brothers – the PADI divers.
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and after completing your courses, you’ll be part of just that – our (not so little anymore) association of certified divers.

The PADI scuba diving courses offered by Nautilus Diving allow you to penetrate beyond the beautiful ocean surface to see what it is hidden within. Like opening a beautiful present to see what is inside our wide variety of PADI dive courses will unveil the reefs and their friendly inhabitants hidden below.  So don´t just keep looking at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures and meet new people, this is where it starts.

PADI divers can dive anywhere

As a certified PADI diver you can’t just dive everywhere in the world, you can also dive without an instructor – or you can teach others to dive and, like us, get many more chances to go diving – while making a living of it.

The Scuba Diver program is an entry level certification, which is perfect for when you’re on holiday and plan to dive just a couple of times a year. We offer this course from the leading scuba certification agency, PADI, so you will be able to dive worldwide!

Read more about our courses at: https://www.nautilusphuket.com/courses/