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Dive into a new world – experience new species

Dec 4, 2018 | News

A big part of the experience of going diving is to see and experience the richness in underwater activities, the calm sounds that the waves make above your head, the cold currents around your legs and the only sound around you really being that of your own breath through your scuba mask.
Around Phuket island you’re in for an abundance of underwater sea-life. All you need to do really, is to take the journey to Nautilus Diving in Phuket, sign up for one of our diving courses – and we’ll handle the rest.
We can already now guarantee you amazing adventures where you’ll explore the coral reefs that Phuket is known for, among others, and, of course, to swim with many fish species – many of which you’ve probably never even heard of before.

Coral reefs

You’ve probably seen coral reefs on pictures before, be it online, in TV or maybe even in real life, should you have had the chance to go diving before. Coral reefs are magical. They are, without doubt, one of the true natural treasures of our earth. Coral reefs are not only nice to look at though. What you see is only a fraction of what really happens in these natural wonders; the richness of life forms, the plants, the caves, the abundance of colours, the many species of fishes – oh, the wonders.
In the Andaman Sea, you’ll be able to find a quite unique variety of marine life with over 2000 different types of fish and over 600 unique corals (and that’s only the part that has been identified till date). According to experts on this region, there still exists a great quantity of undiscovered marine life – a challenge for all underwater photographers to become the first to document and perhaps even name a new species.

You see, Phuket offers a great portion of adventures, above and below the waves. It’s just there for the taking, but, of course, not without respecting the nature and all its organisms.

Diving with Nautilus Diving

Since we respect the coral reefs and ecosystems around it, as also we make our living by the existence of these natural wonders, we make sure to brief every of our customers that endeavours on excursions with us to not be touching anything in and around a coral reef.
InThe collection of any items under water is also prohibited. Diving occurs in small groups only, under the guidance of a dive professional. Coral reefs need our help if we are to continue to enjoy them – and that’s what we’re doing our best for to achieve.

That being said, we also make sure that you’ll be in for quite an adventure when going diving with us – but we’re just doing so by respecting the nature that enables us such splendid views. We’d also want the generations that precede us to see these natural wonders around Phuket.

To see more about our equipment and daily dive trips, please visit us here.

We hope to get the opportunity to take you with us below the sea-level. We’re sure that you’re going to fall in love with what you’ll see – just as we did years back. We like to share our experiences – that’s part of what made us start a diving service on the wonderful island of Phuket.

When are you coming diving with us?

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, feel free to read more about it on our website, or get in touch with us, so we may answer to potential questions that you may have.