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Top diving spot recommendations

Feb 13, 2019 | News

Diving is a facinating hobby with a lot of variety. There is so much to discover depending what you like to see. Especially when you are in Phuket, the range in diving-offers might overwhelm you – so we picked some of the best diving locations for you to discover.
We would further recommend you to bring your camera, as you really don’t want to miss the chance of taking some breathtaking pictures of Phuket’s underwater paradise.

The Phuket Shark Point

Often regarded as the number one spot for scuba diving, the Phuket Shark Point diving site offers not only a colorful sight of the local coral reef, you will furthermore be able to admire the majestic Leopard Shark in all its glory. Being harmless for humans, it also enables you to swim among these friendly sharks and experience an adventure you never forget. The Phuket Shark point is also home to many other marine lives, such as the tiny Bamboo shark or the cute Boxfish. Note that during the high season this spot can be crowded.

The Karon Beach dive site

With a depth of around 10 meters, this spot is mostly used for dive courses. The visibility underwater is very good and allows you to truly inspect the marvellous coral reefs and marine life.

Manta Rays, Turtles and Moray Eel are a common sight here and particularly beginners will enjoy this site. 
Furthermore, many night diving courses are offered here, as it is a beautiful place for underwater macro photography.

Dive with stone elephants at the Siam Bay statues dive site

Located on the Northwest side of Ko Racha Yai, about 2 hours by boat from Phuket Island, lies our next spot.

After the tsunami in 2004, several statues of stone elephants have been placed here to create an artificial coral reef and attract divers.

The result is that the Siam Bay now is one of the most alluring places to dive at.

With an underwater visibility almost as if you are on land, this site is one of the most popular photo spots for divers. The rich marine life and statues will furthermore blows your mind. With almost no current and relatively shallow waters, everyone will be able to enjoy this magnificent view here.

Sail on “The Junk”, an unique diving vessel with a lot of history

Built in 1962, this diving boat started as a cargo delivery boat, being able to carry up to 60 tons of cargo. Later, in 1985, The Junk was converted into a classic yacht. Finally, in 1998, the owner refitted it to be a diving yacht liveaboard. Today, The Junk is the only liveaboard of its age left in operation. Truly one of a kind.

It is both wind- and engine powered and resembles an unique experience compared to modern competitors and peers. It can carry up to 18 guests and further offers a variety of activities not limited to diving.

Diving in Phuket has never been more thrilling

These and many more diving spots wait for you in Phuket and we would love to guide you to them and help you enjoy them to their fullest. Our professional staff will keep and eye on you and keep you safe without disturbing your adventure. If you need more information or want to book your next diving vacation, please feel free to send us an E-mail at info@nautilusphuket.com.

Planning your vacation with Nautilus Phuket is easy and straightforward. 

We look forward to dive with you!

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, feel free to read more about it on our website, or get in touch with us, so we may answer to potential questions that you may have.