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Visit Koh Pu – just a stone’s throw from our diving center

Mar 16, 2019 | News

When was the last time you went diving? Or perhaps you never did? If you never went diving before, chances are that you are a bit uncertain and won’t want to go far for your first dive. And when going diving with us at Nautilus Diving, you don’t really need to go far to be able to explore the underwater world. In fact, just a mile from our diving center, you’ll find a small island named Koh Pu – a place where you’ll find many underwater sceneries, manyfold of fish species and a good portion of underwater adventure. Or you could partake in one of the diving courses we offer right at the shore in front of our diving center.

At Koh Pu, you’ll be seeing coral reefs with a max depth of 15 meters, big rocks to dive past – and even a swim through cave of a max depth of 20 meters, that you can dive through.

In this newsletter, allow us to introduce you to the beauties and wonders that Koh Pu has to offer – and what makes it appealing as a diving site.

Enjoy the colorful coral reefs with us

What makes this island interesting for divers is its coral reef, located on the east-side of the island. With a depth of only 15 meters, this reef is suited for beginners and advanced divers alike.
You’ll be able to admire many species of fishes at this location, and their whimsical behavior. On the west-side of the island, you will be able to find a good amount of rocks and underwater caves to dive through with our staff – with a maximal depth of 20 meters, which in itself is a thrilling vacation adventure not many are able to tell about.

Enjoy our beach dive course

If you prefer to take things a bit slower, and don’t wish to dive into deep waters yet, you can take one of our beach diving courses designed for beginners to discover, and get to know the wonders and beauty of diving. Morays, rays, lion fish and many more species of fish await for you to be discovered.
The beach courses are especially fascinating for children, as it allows them to see the local marine life in its natural habitat without having to dive out too far.

Our staff is highly trained and will make sure that you are safe and sound while guiding you through the waters without interrupting your experience.

Dive with Nautilus Phuket Diving

Diving is a passion we all share. When deciding to go diving, you should opt for a diving center that has experience without forgetting the fun and adventure that is combined with diving.
We, from Nautilus Phuket Diving Center, are looking forward to diving with you and teach you the wonders of this fascinating hobby, or dare we say, lifestyle!

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We hope to go diving with you soon!

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