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Dive courses to consider while in Phuket

Feb 12, 2020 | News

Phuket is the jewel of the Andaman Sea; beautifully sparkling and highly desirable. But to truly experience all that the sea has to offer you need to go underwater. Imagine yourself swimming amongst coral, schools of brightly colored fish, turtles, rays, sharks and many others. With Nautilus Diving in Phuket that dream can become a reality.

Do I need to be an experienced diver?

Never dived before? No problem. Our instructors will teach you basic theory and familiarize you with the equipment before accompanying you on a controlled dive. Or if you feel a bit more daring, our Open Water Diver Course is ideal for beginners and will give you all the knowledge and skill to dive safely.

Not dived in a while? No issues. Our instructor will review your diving theory and skills, making sure that you haven’t forgotten anything! The half day course includes classroom and shallow, confined water training.

Experienced diver looking for something new and exciting? No problem. We’ll help you expand your diving knowledge under supervision of a PADI Instructor. You’ll complete 2 “core” dives – underwater navigation and deep diving – and also select and complete 3 “elective” dives in areas such as multilevel diving, night diving, drift diving, photography, underwater naturalist, boat diving and search and recovery.

Serious certified diver looking to achieve your next internationally recognized PADI grading? Yes, we do that too.

We cater for adults and children from beginner to expert. Our instructors know these seas better than anyone and will be on hand to make sure you go to the best locations and get the correct level of instruction and supervision to match your level of experience and confidence. They’re here to make your underwater experience one that’s truly magical and unforgettable.

Where can I dive?

Kata Beach

This is a shallow water dive on the local reef with visibility of up to 15 meters. Here you can expect to experience the diversity of marine life. Turtles, squid and many species of tropical fish are commonly seen when diving here, plus unusual and rare creatures such as the mimic octopus, frog fish, sea moths, snake eels and spearing mantas shrimp live and swim in these waters. Divers have even seen seahorses off Kata Beach. And in late 2016 a new species of ray fish was discovered there, too!

Racha Yai Island

Wreck diving is popular at Racha Yai due to the collection of four sunken vessels which line the waters around the island. There are pool-like areas, perfect for snorkelers, and sea life including sharks, rays, barracuda and blue marlin twist and turn among the beautiful coral. Visibility here is up to 30 meters.

Each location is a stunning landscape in its own right. But once you go sub aqua you’ll be amazed by the diversity of underwater life. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on when you come to Phuket.

Ideally located right on the beach, when you come to Nautilus Diving you can be in the water in just a few steps.
Diving allows you to leave your cares behind for a moment and experience the calm serenity of marine life. Under the water you cut out the noise, the hustle and bustle of daily life and the trappings of materialism. It’s a time to be at one with nature in a truly unique environment. So, why not come and experience it for yourself?

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