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Get unprecedented access to marine life with a liveaboard trip

Mar 9, 2020 | News

Liveaboards allow you to completely immerse yourself in the ocean and its marine life and are the best way of accessing the most incredible dive sites which can’t be reached from the shore.
In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons that serious divers choose a liveaboard adventure in Phuket.

More dive-time

With a 3-day liveaboard trip, you’ll spend less time traveling and more time in the water. Rather than having to keep packing and unpacking as you move from one dive destination to the next, you will only have to unpack once. And once you’ve done so, all your diving gear will be ready to use. With liveaboards customized to store your equipment ready for use, there’s no need to fuss – just grab your gear and go.

More dives per day

Liveaboards offer more dives per day, and at a more economical rate, than land-based sites. With the time you’ve saved on traveling and preparation, there are greater opportunities to dive and this is replicated in the number of dives availa

Explore remote sites

This is the main reason that people choose to go on a liveaboard. Most of us only have to dive once and we’ve got the bug for it. From there on we’re always looking for next adventure, for something even more exciting and mind-blowing than we’ve already experienced. And once you’ve been diving form land-based sites a few times, you’ll be itching to get further and deeper into the ocean to see what else it holds in store. Many of the sites that you’ll visit as part of a liveaboard trip will be inaccessible from land-based sites as they’re too far from the shore. So, not only will you be witnessing marine life which is only visible on a few places on the planet, you’ll be doing it away from the crowds, making it even more serene than you probably imagined.

Fall asleep to the waves lapping at your boat

Anyone who has experienced it will tell you, there are few better moments in life than falling asleep on the ocean to the sound of the waves lapping against your boat. It’s a calmness and serenity that you just can’t get anywhere other than out at sea. The gentle whoosh will soothe you off to sleep, and in the morning, you’ll wake to the most magnificent sunrise you’ll ever have the privilege to see.

At Nautilus Phuket we offer liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands and Surin Island. The Surin Islands boast stunning coves, bays and lush vegetation, and the Similan Islands are famous among the worldwide diving community as one of the most spectacular places to dive. So, whether you want a liveaboard trip against a backdrop of beautiful scenery, or a marine paradise, Nautilus Phuket has just the trip for you. For more details or to book your liveaboard diving trip check out our liveaboard section on our website.