Dive into a new world – experience new species

Dive into a new world – experience new species

A big part of the experience of going diving is to see and experience the richness in underwater activities, the calm sounds that the waves make above your head, the cold currents around your legs and the only sound around you really being that of your own breath through your scuba mask.
Around Phuket island you’re in for an abundance of underwater sea-life. All you need to do really, is to take the journey to Nautilus Diving in Phuket, sign up for one of our diving courses – and we’ll handle the rest.
We can already now guarantee you amazing adventures where you’ll explore the coral reefs that Phuket is known for, among others, and, of course, to swim with many fish species – many of which you’ve probably never even heard of before.

Coral reefs

You’ve probably seen coral reefs on pictures before, be it online, in TV or maybe even in real life, should you have had the chance to go diving before. Coral reefs are magical. They are, without doubt, one of the true natural treasures of our earth. Coral reefs are not only nice to look at though. What you see is only a fraction of what really happens in these natural wonders; the richness of life forms, the plants, the caves, the abundance of colours, the many species of fishes – oh, the wonders.
In the Andaman Sea, you’ll be able to find a quite unique variety of marine life with over 2000 different types of fish and over 600 unique corals (and that’s only the part that has been identified till date). According to experts on this region, there still exists a great quantity of undiscovered marine life – a challenge for all underwater photographers to become the first to document and perhaps even name a new species.

You see, Phuket offers a great portion of adventures, above and below the waves. It’s just there for the taking, but, of course, not without respecting the nature and all its organisms.

Diving with Nautilus Diving

Since we respect the coral reefs and ecosystems around it, as also we make our living by the existence of these natural wonders, we make sure to brief every of our customers that endeavours on excursions with us to not be touching anything in and around a coral reef.
InThe collection of any items under water is also prohibited. Diving occurs in small groups only, under the guidance of a dive professional. Coral reefs need our help if we are to continue to enjoy them – and that’s what we’re doing our best for to achieve.

That being said, we also make sure that you’ll be in for quite an adventure when going diving with us – but we’re just doing so by respecting the nature that enables us such splendid views. We’d also want the generations that precede us to see these natural wonders around Phuket.

To see more about our equipment and daily dive trips, please visit us here.

We hope to get the opportunity to take you with us below the sea-level. We’re sure that you’re going to fall in love with what you’ll see – just as we did years back. We like to share our experiences – that’s part of what made us start a diving service on the wonderful island of Phuket.

When are you coming diving with us?

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, feel free to read more about it on our website, or get in touch with us, so we may answer to potential questions that you may have.

PADI Courses for young at age and young at heart

PADI Courses for young at age and young at heart

As you may know, we at Nautilus Phuket offer a wide range of underwater activities at our dive site at Kata beach on the wonderful island of Phuket. During the high-season in particular, we take hundreds of people under our wings to show them the richness of underwater life that surrounds the island. Coral reefs, fishes, breathtaking views and much more is all part of the adventure. We love what we do and we have definitely made our passion to our livelihood – but so can you. That is what we want to share with you in this article. Read more about why you should go down this path – and how you’ll get there.

Become a certified diver

If you’ve gone diving with us before, or with another diving service for that matter, chances are that you’ve already fallen in love with this adventurous underwater sport. Maybe even as much as we did, which made us establish ourselves as diving instructors on this island back in the days. If you plan to come here for vacation, or plan to relocate here, or maybe just take a few weeks break from life to try something else – then why not make it a productive stay and become a certified PADI instructor?

Scuba diving PADI courses are for all levels

Not only can you get certified with us, you’ll also get to meet many new people to share the new knowledge that you gain. During the classes, which not all happen in the water itself, you’ll get to learn many things about diving, in and out of water. Scuba diving will reveal new sides about you that you may not have been aware of, open new experiences, an up-close and personal encounter with marine life – and the monetisation of your passion. Scuba doesn’t end with entry-level certification. As you gain confidence, you will be able to take more advanced course work that enables you to explore new environments.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course (Age 10- 80)

If you don’t have the time for a full training, but would like to experience the ease and thrill of diving, join us for our half or full day program. Our instructors will teach you basic theory and familiarise you with the equipment before accompanying you an a beautiful, controlled dive limited depth.

PADI Scuba Review

If it’s been awhile since your last dive, or you feel that your skills and knowledge are a little “rusty”, then take this PADI refresher course.

Our instructor will review your last diving theory and skills, making sure that you haven’t forgotten anything! The half day course includes classroom and shallow, confined water training

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, feel free to read more about it on our website, or get in touch with us, so we may answer to potential questions that you may have.

Phuket and its richness in activities above and below sea-level

Phuket and its richness in activities above and below sea-level

“Phuket has so much to offer – it never gets boring”.

If you’ve ever been here, you can probably give a nod of approval to this statement. Not only does it have a beautiful nature, breathtaking views and clear water beaches – it also offers plenty of activities that you can endeavour on while here. For tranquility, pleasure, thrill and fun – Phuket offers it all – on one island!
Not only is Phuket a great hub for a range of activities, relaxation, party and fun – it also offers great opportunities for going diving. At Nautilus Diving at Kata Beach, we’re located first-row, right at the beach, a stones throw from the ocean.

For novices, we’ll make sure to teach you everything you need to know before diving below the sea-level to dive into a new world of amazing views and magical experiences. We’ll give you something to remember, and you’ll be in good hands with our skilled and experienced diving instructors ready to support you from novice-level to expert.

For trained divers, we provide you the diving equipment for your planned trips, show and drive you to possible diving locations – so you’ll get a guarantee for clear views, perfect diving conditions and memorable experiences.

No matter if novice or expert, you’ll be sure to experience a rich underwater life, great marine diversity, healthy reefs and much more.

With our team of certified divers that are profound in both Thai and English language, you’ll be sure to be understood. We’ll make sure to take your health and fitness level into account before going diving – we make sure that your experience is positive from start to end.

Phuket is the gateway to the best scuba diving in Thailand

Thailand’s west coast at the Andaman Sea is especially perfectly suited for dive trips. We’ll make sure to pick the best locations for you on the day of arrival, so you’ll be guaranteed great views and perfect diving conditions. Whether you’d like to stay at a resort, take short diving trips or day trips – we can guide you to the best solution for your budget and level of experience. Diving is perfect for individuals, families and experienced divers alike.

PADI courses

If you’d like to become a certified diver during your stay in Phuket, make sure to check our PADI courses page (link to: https://www.nautilusphuket.com/courses/).

From entry-level certificates to more advanced courses – you’ll find it all at Nautilus Diving in Phuket.

Entertainment guaranteed

Below the sea-level, at several diving sites around the island, you’ll be sure to encounter everything from submerged granite boulders, an ever-changing topography, coral formations, manta rays, jacks and tuna and sometimes even leopard- or bamboo sharks.
If you’re lucky, you may even be able to spot a passing whale!

Pufferfish, boxfish, angelfish, glassfish – you’re in for it all when going diving with Nautilus Diving!

Combine the tranquility of the beaches and nighttime activities with this special treat. Come diving with us. What are you waiting for?

The best time to go diving in Phuket

The best time to go diving in Phuket

Diving is fun! Diving is exciting!
So would most people who’ve tried it describe their first diving experience. Diving is not only putting on some gear, taking some courses in the swimming pool, or at the beachside to then shift to the underwater world gradually. Instead you should rather see diving as a sort of adventure waiting to happen. A lot of new impressions, a bunch of new exciting moments that no one can ever take from you ever again. Diving is majestic, diving is…. a sort of exclusive view into a completely different world.

Diving in Phuket

You could go diving many places in the world. There are an abundance of diving spots around the globe, one more beautiful than the other. We humbly list ourselves only as one of these spots, but if you happen to travel to Phuket, you should not miss the riffs and corals that awaits you below the waves. Nautilus Diving is located right on the Kata Beach, only a stone-throw away from the sea, only a few steps from where your adventures are waiting to happen. Here you’ll get instructed in the use of the diving gear, get introduced to the instructors, and of course your fellowship of divers that soon enough will go on adventure with you. Taking the courses with Nautilus Diving is completely safe, but if you have a medical condition or any injury, and you’re not so sure if you can partake, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll gladly walk you through the requirements for going diving, we offer you different solutions if you’d like and special attention, if you’re not so sure-afoot or fit. At Nautilus Diving we offer a solution for almost anyone, so feel free to ask us before you book with us.

The best time to go diving in Phuket

When talking about the best season to go diving, the fun begins every year in October and stretches all the way till April. At some point in the month of October the winds coming from the west will come to a halt, and the wind will instead start to come from the North-east. With this sudden weather change the sea stops rolling on to the west coast of Phuket and very quickly the sea becomes flat and calm, the underwater visibility for the scuba divers improves and the best season for scuba diving is under way on Phuket.

In April, when the season comes to an end and the winds are turning again, most of our frequent customers then switch the diving equipment out with a SUP or Surfboard, ready to conquer the waves that follow with the tide. If you want to read more about that possibility, please click here (link to: http://www.phuketsurfing.com/).

We hope that you’ll come dive with us while the season still is on its high point. If you’d rather go surfing or paddling, feel free to contact us as well, so we can guide you to our partner shop, Phuket Surfing, also located on Kata Beach.

Make your hobby your profession with Nautilus Diving in Phuket

Make your hobby your profession with Nautilus Diving in Phuket

Divers are known as a sworn community of thrill-seekers, people who love spending the time below the sea-level, people that feel at home under the waves – exploring the rich life under water. There are many kind of divers out there; those that do it as a hobby and others who does it for a living. Which one of those are you, or let’s ask this question in a different way: “Which one would you rather be”?
To us, this question is easy to answer; we love to dive and we, in fact, almost feel more comfortable below the waves than we do above them. You could call us a little crazy, but the fact is, we have made our hobbies to our passion and our passion to our profession.

We all started somewhere

We haven’t become certified dive instructors by chance. We once dreamed about making our living by showing other passionate enthusiasts what we already know – that the world below the waves is breathtaking, magical and pure. Below the sea-level the world is completely different, one where there’s no stress, no bills, no wars, no crime – no worries. When you are gliding below the waves, you automatically dive into a magical world with scores of new impressions waiting for you to be explored. You’ll see rich colourful corals, fishes of all species and sizes, shapes – and purposes. Just like above the seabed, there are different purposes (tasks if you will) for the fishes. One species cleans the sand, the other the corals. There are hunters – and there’s the hunted. All this can be seen when you go diving – and these impressions and adventures no one can take away from you again.

 Make your passion your profession

The curiosity that has drawn us to the world below the sea, can be one that could help you make a living as well. With just a few courses, and within only a few days of learning, you could become an educated and certified diver, one that is part of an unique band of brothers – the PADI divers.
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and after completing your courses, you’ll be part of just that – our (not so little anymore) association of certified divers.

The PADI scuba diving courses offered by Nautilus Diving allow you to penetrate beyond the beautiful ocean surface to see what it is hidden within. Like opening a beautiful present to see what is inside our wide variety of PADI dive courses will unveil the reefs and their friendly inhabitants hidden below.  So don´t just keep looking at the ocean from your beach chair, go visit!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to scuba dive, discover new adventures and meet new people, this is where it starts.

PADI divers can dive anywhere

As a certified PADI diver you can’t just dive everywhere in the world, you can also dive without an instructor – or you can teach others to dive and, like us, get many more chances to go diving – while making a living of it.

The Scuba Diver program is an entry level certification, which is perfect for when you’re on holiday and plan to dive just a couple of times a year. We offer this course from the leading scuba certification agency, PADI, so you will be able to dive worldwide!

Read more about our courses at: https://www.nautilusphuket.com/courses/

Dive in on our daily dive excursions

Dive in on our daily dive excursions

Here at Nautilus Diving in Phuket we are all about diving, a fact that you may know all too well, if either you have heard about us, been reading our blog, or of course, if you’ve been diving with us before.
We offer PADI courses to those who want to become certified divers, individual diving courses for those individuals, who wish to explore the world below the sea-level, and of course group trainings, for those wishing to both endeavour in underwater adventures, and make new friends along the way. Whilst some prefer to learn the skills of diving underwater alone, others instead choose to learn it with other people from all over the world, to get both the diving- and cultural experience of a diving course. From diving in the pool to diving in the open sea – we offer every possibility here at Nautilus Diving at Karon beach in Phuket.

For those of you who wish to explore the breathtaking widths of the ocean-floor around this beautiful island, we also offer a long range of daily dive trips.
Kata beach, Phi Phi island, Racha Noi, Koh Doc Mai, Racha Yai, Koh Pu – the opportunities are manyfold – the picturesque views different from location to location.
Whether it is for a day-trip or liveaboard trips stretching over several days, you’ll be guaranteed to find a suitable trip for you here on our website.

To see our daily dive trip destinations, click here: https://www.nautilusphuket.com/daily-dive-trips/

To see our liveaboard trips, click here instead: https://www.nautilusphuket.com/liveaboards/

Both links take you to pages with a lot of information, picturesque sceneries and of course a contact form, where you at all times can send us your enquiries, if you’re unsure about something before you make a booking.

You can also see the prices for the equipment and other useful information via the above links, so you won’t be in for any surprises once you reach our diving school located right at the beach.

To get an idea of the adventure, the views and sceneries you’re potentially signing up for, feel free to visit our gallery section at:


Don’t take it from us only though – take it from our previous clients. If you want to hear how it really is to dive with us, come visit our review section where you can read our recent reviews from clients (and now enthusiastic divers), from all over the world.

No matter whether you’re an experienced diver or a novice to the world below the sea-level, we can guarantee you that amazing locations and new experiences are awaiting you. Dive trips with us are something new, something special and something you won’t forget ever. Do we over-exaggerate? No we don’t – but why don’t you come find out. Come dive with us, come explore species below the sea-level that rarely see the word above it.

Our daily dive trips include everything that you may need – all it needs to make it an unforgettable excursion is YOU!