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Get unprecedented access to marine life with a liveaboard trip

Get unprecedented access to marine life with a liveaboard trip

Get unprecedented access to marine life with a liveaboard trip

Liveaboards allow you to completely immerse yourself in the ocean and its marine life and are the best way of accessing the most incredible dive sites which can’t be reached from the shore.
In this article, we’ll look at some of the reasons that serious divers choose a liveaboard adventure in Phuket.

More dive-time

With a 3-day liveaboard trip, you’ll spend less time traveling and more time in the water. Rather than having to keep packing and unpacking as you move from one dive destination to the next, you will only have to unpack once. And once you’ve done so, all your diving gear will be ready to use. With liveaboards customized to store your equipment ready for use, there’s no need to fuss – just grab your gear and go.

More dives per day

Liveaboards offer more dives per day, and at a more economical rate, than land-based sites. With the time you’ve saved on traveling and preparation, there are greater opportunities to dive and this is replicated in the number of dives availa

Explore remote sites

This is the main reason that people choose to go on a liveaboard. Most of us only have to dive once and we’ve got the bug for it. From there on we’re always looking for next adventure, for something even more exciting and mind-blowing than we’ve already experienced. And once you’ve been diving form land-based sites a few times, you’ll be itching to get further and deeper into the ocean to see what else it holds in store. Many of the sites that you’ll visit as part of a liveaboard trip will be inaccessible from land-based sites as they’re too far from the shore. So, not only will you be witnessing marine life which is only visible on a few places on the planet, you’ll be doing it away from the crowds, making it even more serene than you probably imagined.

Fall asleep to the waves lapping at your boat

Anyone who has experienced it will tell you, there are few better moments in life than falling asleep on the ocean to the sound of the waves lapping against your boat. It’s a calmness and serenity that you just can’t get anywhere other than out at sea. The gentle whoosh will soothe you off to sleep, and in the morning, you’ll wake to the most magnificent sunrise you’ll ever have the privilege to see.

At Nautilus Phuket we offer liveaboard trips to the Similan Islands and Surin Island. The Surin Islands boast stunning coves, bays and lush vegetation, and the Similan Islands are famous among the worldwide diving community as one of the most spectacular places to dive. So, whether you want a liveaboard trip against a backdrop of beautiful scenery, or a marine paradise, Nautilus Phuket has just the trip for you. For more details or to book your liveaboard diving trip check out our liveaboard section on our website.

Dive courses to consider while in Phuket

Dive courses to consider while in Phuket

Dive courses to consider while in Phuket

Phuket is the jewel of the Andaman Sea; beautifully sparkling and highly desirable. But to truly experience all that the sea has to offer you need to go underwater. Imagine yourself swimming amongst coral, schools of brightly colored fish, turtles, rays, sharks and many others. With Nautilus Diving in Phuket that dream can become a reality.

Do I need to be an experienced diver?

Never dived before? No problem. Our instructors will teach you basic theory and familiarize you with the equipment before accompanying you on a controlled dive. Or if you feel a bit more daring, our Open Water Diver Course is ideal for beginners and will give you all the knowledge and skill to dive safely.

Not dived in a while? No issues. Our instructor will review your diving theory and skills, making sure that you haven’t forgotten anything! The half day course includes classroom and shallow, confined water training.

Experienced diver looking for something new and exciting? No problem. We’ll help you expand your diving knowledge under supervision of a PADI Instructor. You’ll complete 2 “core” dives – underwater navigation and deep diving – and also select and complete 3 “elective” dives in areas such as multilevel diving, night diving, drift diving, photography, underwater naturalist, boat diving and search and recovery.

Serious certified diver looking to achieve your next internationally recognized PADI grading? Yes, we do that too.

We cater for adults and children from beginner to expert. Our instructors know these seas better than anyone and will be on hand to make sure you go to the best locations and get the correct level of instruction and supervision to match your level of experience and confidence. They’re here to make your underwater experience one that’s truly magical and unforgettable.

Where can I dive?

Kata Beach

This is a shallow water dive on the local reef with visibility of up to 15 meters. Here you can expect to experience the diversity of marine life. Turtles, squid and many species of tropical fish are commonly seen when diving here, plus unusual and rare creatures such as the mimic octopus, frog fish, sea moths, snake eels and spearing mantas shrimp live and swim in these waters. Divers have even seen seahorses off Kata Beach. And in late 2016 a new species of ray fish was discovered there, too!

Racha Yai Island

Wreck diving is popular at Racha Yai due to the collection of four sunken vessels which line the waters around the island. There are pool-like areas, perfect for snorkelers, and sea life including sharks, rays, barracuda and blue marlin twist and turn among the beautiful coral. Visibility here is up to 30 meters.

Each location is a stunning landscape in its own right. But once you go sub aqua you’ll be amazed by the diversity of underwater life. It’s an experience you shouldn’t miss out on when you come to Phuket.

Ideally located right on the beach, when you come to Nautilus Diving you can be in the water in just a few steps.
Diving allows you to leave your cares behind for a moment and experience the calm serenity of marine life. Under the water you cut out the noise, the hustle and bustle of daily life and the trappings of materialism. It’s a time to be at one with nature in a truly unique environment. So, why not come and experience it for yourself?

To find us and for more details about the dives and courses please take a look at our dive courses.

Get the best diving-experience with Nautilus Diving Center

Get the best diving-experience with Nautilus Diving Center

Get the best diving-experience with Nautilus Diving Center

Finding a diving center that suits all your needs and demands while planning for a holiday in Phuket can be a quite challenging task at times. That, however, doesn’t mean that it has to be a tough choice, especially when you are already reading these lines, meaning that you already have found the way to our website!

In this short article, allow us to present some of our services a little further, so you confidently can book our services for your upcoming vacation in Phuket.

Day dive trips

From the famous Phi Phi Island to the majestic Shark point, we take you to the best diving locations around Phuket with our day-dive trips. Enjoy the marvels of underwater life with 1 to 3 dives in any of the diving spots around Phuket.
To know more about our daily dive trips, pricing and more, check our daily dive trips.


If you’re looking for a real adventure and want to explore the wonders the Andaman sea has to offer beyond the reach of the diving center, book one of our liveaboard trips! Spend 1, 2 or 3 days surrounded by calm waters and the most beautiful blue skies above; submerge 2, 7 or even 11 times into the ocean, and let the waves sweep away the worries you may have from everyday-life. Simply choose your destination, no matter whether it is the Similan or Surin island or anywhere else. All locations have that in common that they offer spectacular views and a diversity of marine life to get lost in.
Forget about the real world and its demands, enjoy the company of the underwater creatures, and make enduring memories.

If you’re looking for information about our packages, equipment, and prices, you can find more information here.

Diving courses

No matter whether you have previous experience with scuba diving or this is your first time, at Nautilus Diving Center, we offer a variety of courses for you to take diving to the next level!
You can join a half or a full day class for all ages, learn about the basics of scuba diving, and enjoy the ocean views in a controlled depth immersion with our “Discover Scuba diving” course; or take a more in-depth scuba diving training and get your PADI certification while you’re at it. With a PADI (“Professional Association of Diving Instructors”) certification, you can take your training even further and become well-prepared for all kind of situations with our emergency first response and rescue courses. Live the dream of turning your hobby into something bigger! A PADI certification will validate you worldwide, so you can take your passion with you wherever you go.

Find out more about our PADI and other available courses here.

Come get an unforgettable experience

Whether you like going solo or with a group, whether it is for a day or longer, every time you go diving with Nautilus Diving Center in Phuket, you’ll get the full diving experience! When you hire us, you are hiring professionals that are passionate about their job. Our staff will go above and beyond to make your diving experience unforgettable.
If you’d like to read what previous customers had to say about our services, feel free to visit our Reviews.

Nautilus Phuket – Your gateway to the finest dive-sites in Phuket

Nautilus Phuket – Your gateway to the finest dive-sites in Phuket

Nautilus Phuket – Your gateway to the finest dive-sites in Phuket

Thailand is known for many great things. Amongst others, Thailand enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the most breathtaking and welcoming countries in the Southeast Asian region. The traditional lifestyle of much of the population and the rich cultural heritage offers a great reason to pay the country a visit or two.

Another thing the country is known for is the marvelous sights to behold, above, as well as below the water. Whilst other blogs will tell you heaps about which sites to experience first-hand while in this country, whether those are famous locations, beaches, landmarks, and picture-perfect views, we’ll be delighted to take you on a trip to the magical world underneath the waves!

The finest dive-sites in Phuket

Whether you are planning your first diving excursion or getting ready to endeavor on your next planned diving trip, Phuket undisputedly offers some of the best diving sites in the world. Its numerous islands are among the finest you can wish for and run all along the coastline. The choices are vast, only limited by your level of expertise and desires as to what you wish to see and experience throughout your dive.
Take Koh Pu for instance, a very local dive-site to visit if you are staying near Kata or Karon Beach. Especially for beginners, Koh Pu is an island not to miss out on your list as it is well-known for its swim-through cave and coral garden.

Local Dive Site – Koh Pu

Swim Through Cave –  Koh Pu

Most of the scuba diving destinations are on the Andaman Sea on the South East coast of Thailand. The most famous ones are, among others, the outstanding Similan Islands, with truly excellent diving. A bit further North, there are the Surin Islands; less known than the Similans, but also quite excellent, with good chances to spot a Whale Shark! These two destinations are better explored by Liveaboard, however, it is also quite possible to dive there on a day tour. Closer to the mainland you have very good diving opportunities around the Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi and, of course, Phuket Island. These destinations offer good chances to dive with a Manta Ray or even a Whale Shark. In the last decade, Phuket has become the foremost place to learn Scuba diving and for divers to pass their PADI Open watercourse. To see more about PADI Courses, click here.

On the East Coast, in the Gulf of Thailand, the best diving location is undoubtedly Ko Tao. Many experienced divers also come here to become true professionals attracted by easy dive sites perfect for lessons and cheaper prices.

Scuba Phuket Diving Courses for all levels and ages

Whether you are looking for a local dive, a beach dive or a diving course, you’ll be guaranteed to find a suitable package at Nautilus Phuket.

These are just some of the many courses we provide:

  • Discover Scuba Dive (1.5 hours)
  • PADI Open Water Course (3 days)
  • PADI Advanced Course (2 days)

With 349 named dive sites, warm water, and affordable courses, many divers decide to head to Thailand to start their scuba adventures.

Come discover the world-class dive sites with Nautilus Phuket. To see more about our packages or to get in touch, please feel free to browse through our website.

Visit Koh Pu – just a stone’s throw from our diving center

Visit Koh Pu – just a stone’s throw from our diving center

Visit Koh Pu – just a stone’s throw from our diving center

When was the last time you went diving? Or perhaps you never did? If you never went diving before, chances are that you are a bit uncertain and won’t want to go far for your first dive. And when going diving with us at Nautilus Diving, you don’t really need to go far to be able to explore the underwater world. In fact, just a mile from our diving center, you’ll find a small island named Koh Pu – a place where you’ll find many underwater sceneries, manyfold of fish species and a good portion of underwater adventure. Or you could partake in one of the diving courses we offer right at the shore in front of our diving center.

At Koh Pu, you’ll be seeing coral reefs with a max depth of 15 meters, big rocks to dive past – and even a swim through cave of a max depth of 20 meters, that you can dive through.

In this newsletter, allow us to introduce you to the beauties and wonders that Koh Pu has to offer – and what makes it appealing as a diving site.

Enjoy the colorful coral reefs with us

What makes this island interesting for divers is its coral reef, located on the east-side of the island. With a depth of only 15 meters, this reef is suited for beginners and advanced divers alike.
You’ll be able to admire many species of fishes at this location, and their whimsical behavior. On the west-side of the island, you will be able to find a good amount of rocks and underwater caves to dive through with our staff – with a maximal depth of 20 meters, which in itself is a thrilling vacation adventure not many are able to tell about.

Enjoy our beach dive course

If you prefer to take things a bit slower, and don’t wish to dive into deep waters yet, you can take one of our beach diving courses designed for beginners to discover, and get to know the wonders and beauty of diving. Morays, rays, lion fish and many more species of fish await for you to be discovered.
The beach courses are especially fascinating for children, as it allows them to see the local marine life in its natural habitat without having to dive out too far.

Our staff is highly trained and will make sure that you are safe and sound while guiding you through the waters without interrupting your experience.

Dive with Nautilus Phuket Diving

Diving is a passion we all share. When deciding to go diving, you should opt for a diving center that has experience without forgetting the fun and adventure that is combined with diving.
We, from Nautilus Phuket Diving Center, are looking forward to diving with you and teach you the wonders of this fascinating hobby, or dare we say, lifestyle!

If you would like to know more about us, feel free to visit our website at www.nautilusphuket.com.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to send us an Email to info@nautilusphuket.com or contact us via +66 089 874 9147.

We hope to go diving with you soon!

If this sounds like an interesting opportunity, feel free to read more about it on our website, or get in touch with us, so we may answer to potential questions that you may have.

Your very first scuba diving trip & how to prepare for it

Your very first scuba diving trip & how to prepare for it

Your very first scuba diving trip & how to prepare for it

We welcome you to a world of diving! Since you’re reading these lines, chances are that you’ve shown an interesting in the fascinating hobby (and passion) of scuba diving. If this is your first time, we would love to provide you with some valuable advice, making sure that you know how to properly prepare for your scuba diving trip. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Research what sites you want to visit

When planning a diving trip, you first of all need to determine what you want to see and what you’d like to do during your trip. Some places have better visibility or stronger currents than others. It is always an advantage to know upfront when exactly you can go diving, as different seasons offer different sights and areas to behold. Of course, we’d gladly help you plan your trip and support you in every possible way during the process.

Getting an experienced instructor and knowing your skill level

If you are unsure what your skill level is, you should have an instructor with you. When diving with Nautilus Diving in Phuket, you can be certain that our professional staff knows exactly what they are doing. However, some people like to dive by themselves, without the help of an instructor. Especially when one is inexperienced, this can often lead to injuries or other unwanted outcomes. We therefore advise you to always have experienced staff with you, guiding you throughout the trip.

Diving is a sport as many others and as that, it also has several skill levels. Knowing your own skill level is fundamental in enjoying your diving trip to its fullest.

Especially beginners often overestimate their abilities and get into undesired situations that easily could have been avoided. In Phuket, there is a wide variety of beginner-sites with little to no risk of unwanted outcomes – and there is no shame in starting there!
At Nautilus Phuket, we are always ready to assist you. It is not only our job, but also our passion to dive and help others endeavor the underwater realms.
We want you to enjoy your diving trips, and your safety is in high regards to us.

Allow us to guide you through the process

At Nautilus Phuket, we can arrange everything for you related to diving, so you can focus on things that matter the most – the trip itself.
After all, its your holiday, and that means that you should relax.

If you got further questions, feel free to send us an E-mail at info@nautilusphuket.com.

We are looking forward to go diving with you!